In my teenage years, when I got my first camera, taking photos of restless babies was one of my first experiences. The years passed by, I travelled, mainly throughout the Mediterranean countries, both north and south, and gathered inspiration and knowledge. I have studied with Rafa Martín, Ricardo Sanchez, David Loyd, and worked for many years with Pepe Frisuelos from Daylight Lab. As a photographic technician I worked for about 10 years in the dark room, and was responsible for many great prize-winning photos from masters like: Ouka Leele, Jordi Socías, Cristobal Hara, Eugenio Recuenco,Juan Muñoz and  Cristina Iglesias, Luis Perez Minguez, among many others.

Still I wasn`t happy. My own vision was pushing me to go for more, finding new meaning in the space between painting and photography, where my own writings could express themselves through an image, which often speaks more than words.